Mac Zoom Lash lasts all day, no smudging.

Feels light and supple. Ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash, hugging every curve; coats in one stroke from root to tip.

It also gives you that ‘false eye lash’ look.

My thoughts: It’s actually feels light unlike the Tara mascara I reviewed in one of my posts. For a natural look, I’d choose this mascara over the Tara mascara.

The price I bought is is really questionable and I was not sure if this particular one is fake or not. However, I purchased it in a big makeup/cosmetics shop in PH for review sake and see if I could identify if it’s sub standard. I’m yet to buy the original and compare. I purchased it for N300 ie about $2. * eyes rolling* yeah, when I was told I had to ask again to confirm what I heard. It’s $15 on Mac’s website though.

The review on this post is based on this ‘fake/sub-standard’ product, once I have the authentic mascara, I’ll put up an update.

Hope this was helpful.



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