Beauty starts with smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Apart from a woman’s hair, the next noticeable part of her body is her face. If facial skin is set, any amount of makeup applied will enhance beauty and will require much less efforts. Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder, Beauty is in the hands of the brush holder too.

If you take care of your skin, your ‘complexion’ will take care of itself (Helena Rubinstein)

Here’s some tips about caring for your face:

1. Use a facial scrub at least three times a week

2.  Keep fingers away from the face:

A lot of times people get used to picking/bursting acne on the face turning to black spots on the face but rather, leave the acne as it’ll dry off on it’s own after a few days. Causes of Acne includes: stress, hormonal flunctuations, bad cosmetics, birth control pills and other medications but if the skin is set the breakouts will be minimal except that which comes as a result of the use of bad cosmetics.

3.  Buy cosmetics/makeup from renowned supermarkets or Beauty Consultants.

Don’t equate ‘dermatologically tested’ with better quality.

4. Reduce sugar intake.

5.  Use moisturizers.

One could use an oil control or oil free moisturizer, avoid products with pore clogging ingredients

6.  Wash face before sleeping at night if too tired to take a shower.

This prevents dirt accumulation and keeps the pores open. Skin care products works better at night because the body undergoes repair at night.

7.  Eat and stay healthy.

Take lots of water, fruits and vegetables.

8.  Exercise, smile always and have a positive mind.

9.  Strict adherence to skin care/ beauty regimen.

Hope this was helpful. If you have questions on beauty tips or makeup in general, kindly leave a comment below.




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