Eyebrow powder with angled brush.


Perfectly arched brows can work all sorts of magic on your face; your eyes look bigger and brighter even without any makeup. To establish your brow shape, get them done professionally for the first time then you can manage as you like.

After shaping your brows  either by tweezing, waxing, threading or with a brow razor, fill in minor gaps with LISE eyebrow powder with the use of an angled brush. An angled brush is a small brush with very short, dense bristles cut on an angle. It is designed to strengthen thin brows or as an alternative to an eye liner brush.

A brow gel/clear mascara can also be used  (after the brow powder) to hold the hairs of your eyebrows in place.

For the eyebrow powder, always go for a shade lighter than your hair; LISE brow powder gives you a perfect and natural look

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