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I was so excited when I decided to get a mobile work station for my business and I surfed the internet for good deals and I ended up choosing NYX’s largest train case with lights and Director’s chair. I made the order  in Nov 2011 and was delivered in Dec 2011.

The makeup station is a travel box/train case with wheels, it also has detachable legs to double as a work station. There are 6 bulbs inside (3 on the right and 3 on the left) with a cable to plug it with, a mirror, 3 tiers drawer on each side to store products and some small compartments as well to put whatever you like. The train case is $500 while the director’s chair costs $99.

The legs can be adjusted to suit your height or that of your client. The Director’s chair is made of wood, came in parts and I assembled them (actually my husband assembled for me hehe :D)


The Director’s chair is collapsible, very light and can be carried easily (good portability). I love the Director’s chair, in that I don’t need to bend over when applying makeup on my clients; it really is convenient to use.

The train case has 2 plug sockets – one for connecting the cable to power source for the bulbs and the other I guess to plug any other thing you want. I plugged my phone to charge in the 2nd socket and it worked! 🙂

The work station can also store major makeup products conveniently without having to carry another box/bag, working from the station as a table is also easy as against bending over a table to pick products. It’s neat, pretty, classy and professional. The train case also has a key to which you can secure your products.

1. The train case is kinda heavy without products in it and the shipping costs from Los Angeles to Port Harcourt in Nigeria made my purse grow lean, lol. I spent a total of $776 (130% of the cost price) to ship the work station and director’s chair to my location, yeah, exactly. Both weighed 80kg! of course with packaging. Perhaps I need a better shipping method,  anyways, I was glad to have one of my toys out of my wish list.

#I just found out that two makeup artists have this train case and director’s chair for sale here in Nigeria and the price is way cheaper than what I got mine. *pout* wish I knew this earlier. Their contacts are  www.hegaiandesther.com  and  www.giftysonline.com

2. The bulbs attached to the makeup station (train case) are not energy saving, gives off a bit of heat and cast a yellow shadow when applying makeup. I’ll have to replace mine though with florescent bulbs so that I can have as much natural light as possible. The bulbs that comes with the train case can still be used in a well ventilated/air conditioned room to nullify any heat the bulbs might give off.

3. The Director’s chair has a standard height, it’s not adjustable. I’m 5ft 6” in height so it works well for me for clients’ makeup application but as for matching the chair’s height with that of the work station’ all I see in the mirror is my chin downwards and most of my clients’ head shoots above the mirror a bit and they’ll have to bend to view their makeup. Maybe I didn’t assemble it well? Okay, I’ll try again and let you know how it went.


4. The weight will pose a challenge when traveling by air (for local flights, you might be charged for excess baggage) other than that it’s suitable for jobs anywhere.

For now, that’s all I’ve observed about the train case and director’s chair. If I notice any other thing that’s really important, I’ll definitely update this post. In general, the product is cool.

The work station with full lights
Work station with medium lights

Hope this was helpful and feel free to leave comments or questions about what you’d like to know about these products that I did not talk about in this review.



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  1. Lovely workstation. Its a good brand. Its remarkable that you are going all out professional. The workstation is sturdy, Am glad you got it Damsel.

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