I purchased the Makeup artist kit in S101, Eye Shadow base in skin tone and Glitter Cream Pallete in Eden from Amazon.

A.  The makeup kit (S101) is a small square – shaped box with mirror and two layers of products. It’s portable and  comprises of 35 eye shadows, 5 lip colors, 5 blushers, 3 bronzers and brushes for application. I’ll do a few swatches of the eye shadows (I’m sorry I’ll not be able to do all 35 swatches) and all the lip colors.

I like this kit because it’s got lots of eye shadow colors to choose from, lip colors and blushes. the eye shadows are also very good, pigmented and a little application goes a long way. the lip colors are more like lip stains, suitable for natural look; you might need to use a lip stick and gloss for a more intense color on the lips. Overall, the product is fabulous.


1. It falls out easily, I mean a lot.  It’s all kind of ‘chalky’ in nature except the lip colors.

2. It’s not a complete kit for makeup artists because it doesn’t have concealers, lip liner, brow powders and stuff  as the product name implies.

3. the PAO s 12months. for me not enough time to use up the products

I’ll recommend for both professional and individual use but the eye shadows need to be applied with a damp brush and I’d say you dab your brush at the back of your hands after picking up the blusher/bronzer  – if you’re fussy about fall outs.

B. The Eye shadow base in quite handy and it blends well with virtually all skin tones.

The product can be applied with the fore finger or an eye shadow brush or any brush that suits you.



blended swatch on the skin

I’m absolutely okay with the eye shadow base.

C. the Glitter Cream Pallet comprises of five creamy glittery eye shadows and two applicators. The glitter eye shadows can be applied with a brush on the eye lid on it’s own or as a second layer after a powder eye shadow.

However you apply, the products still creases and separates on the lids. Guess I’ll find a way of making it work well for me.

NYX Glitter Cream Pallet

the back of the pallet


** Sorry the pictures are not clear enough, I’ll work on arranging the pictures better as well so that everything will be properly organized.

If you’d like to know more about the products reviewed, simply leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



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