I got a couple of NYX products from Amazon, NYX’s website and a shop in my area, Port Harcourt.

From Amazon – the Makeup Artist Kit in S101, Glitter Cream Pallet in Eden, Lip Liner pencil in 816 Fushia, Eye Shadow base in skin tone

From PH – Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black , Jumbo pencil in Black Bean

NYX’s website – NYX’s  X-LARGE Makeup Artist Train Case with lights, Director’s chair

This post is about the NYX Jumbo pencil, NYX Felt Tip Liner and NYX Lip Liner Pencil, I’ll be reviewing others in subsequent posts, so stay tuned 🙂

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

It’s really black in color like charcoal black, creamy in nature and looks more like a ‘fat’ crayon, lol. It can be used as an eye shadow on it’s own or if you’d like to layer your eye shadows it works well; also to line the lower lash line or upper lash line if you wish.

I actually saw a video that this Jumbo eye pencil can be melted with a hand dryer into a small container to create an ink pot. Well, I’ve not tried it but what worked for me is this – I applied to my upper lash line with an eye liner brush and it came out real good, you should try it sometime.

swatch from the Jumbo pencil

Hope the picture is clear enough, I had to take it very late into the night because my 6 months old son refused to sleep early. I’ll try and take another snapshot during daytime though.

It’s PAO is 12 months. PAO is the acronym for period After Opening with the symbol of an open jar usually at the back of most cosmetic products. I’ll provide details about the PAO/shelf life of makeup products in one of my posts soon. I really like the product because it’s ‘blacky’ black, creamy and I can manipulate it as I want. I don’t like the fact that it’s too fat for my lower lash line because I poked myself in the eye while trying to apply and it messed up my lower lashes. (maybe I need to learn how to use it well, huh) I wonder if the Jumbo pencil can be sharpened though (I’ll try it sometime)

Okay, enough said about the Jumbo Pencil, over to the lip liner in 816 Fushia

The lip pencil is easy to apply, glides on the lips especially with a lip primer. The color is intense and can be used as both a lip liner and lip color. I tried it on one of my clients with a little pink gloss and it came out really well. (check out my page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Damsel-Makeovers/186724088101570?bookmark_t=page to view my client’s picture – the lady with a pink head gear)

The lip pencil has no PAO written on it but I’d say it’s shelf life is around one year.

Lip pencil in 816 Fushia and Felt tip liner pen swatches

I had to put the swatches together in order to finish up my posts before my little prince wakes up.

For the Felt Tip Liner in Extreme black, it’s not as black as the Jumbo pencil, it’s just like ‘light’ black a against it’s shade called ‘extreme black’. It also easy to apply and doesn’t smudge on the upper lash line, it’s neat and another thing I like about it is that the PAO is 24M (hurray :D) as against some eye liner pen I’ve seen with PAO of 6M.

If I have new information or more usage about the products here, I’ll definitely put up an update.

I hope this post have been helpful and please feel free to post your comments. If you have certain products you would like me to review or a look you want me to create with certain products, do let me know as well.

Thanks for reading through and do have a splendid day.



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