It’s quite handy and works well for professional makeup artist when working on a lot of people within a short period.It’s also suitable for individual use on daily basis prior to deep cleaning the brushes.

How to use: spray product on a tissue paper and swipe dirty brush on the sprayed spot a few times. Repeat the process a few times till the brush is clean.

The brush can be re-used almost immediately after cleaning with this brush cleaner because it dries quickly and contains alcohol to disinfect the brushes. It’s also handy and requires only small space in a makeup kit/bag. It’s also a travel size.

What I don’t like about it is that a lot of the product is required for a brush to be cleaned and the whole bottle gets used up quickly. Apart from the product drying quickly on the tissue paper,  I also had to use severally while turning the tissue paper over and over to get a clean brush.

I can’t remember how much I bought it, I actually purchased it from amazon along with other products. I’ll need to check the receipt and update this post as soon as I find it. Yeah, thanks for your understanding. lol

I recommend this product for both professional and individual use.



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