Welcome again to my blog.

I have a list of products I’m reviewing and will post them soon, just want to share them with you to prepare your mind and also for you to add any product/brand you’d like me to review as well. Please note that the products I review on this blog have not been sponsored and are based on my personal opinions as a makeup artist/beauty coach, I’ll definitely  let you know if any product(s) have been sponsored.

So, enough of the chit chat and let’s get straight to business 😀

A.  FACE PRIMERS – NYX HD primer, NYX shine killer, Fashion Fair shine eliminator, Elf primer, Smashbox photofinish foundation primer

B. ZARON (a Nigerian makeup brand) – Eye shadow pallet, Oil control loose powder, Brow kit, Concealer/foundation, lip pencil.

C. BOURJOIS – Eye shadows, Lip pencils, Blush, Lip gloss, Nail polish

D. MAX FACTOR – Eye shadow

E. MAYBELLINE – Lip pencil

F. SALON SYSTEM : Waxing products

G. CABOODLES – Eye shadows

H. L’OREAL – Eye shadows, mascara

I. COVER GIRL – Lip liners, Mascara, Lip gloss (queen collection), Blush

J. RIMMEL LONDON – Mascara, lip gloss

K. FASHION FAIR – creme-to-powder foundation, mascara, lip teaser, perfect finish concealer 1, eye pencil


Wow, I really have a long list here and lotta work to do. Hang in there, hot reviews of these products coming soon. 🙂

Do you have some products you’ve been dying to try but would love to read a review about them first before spending your precious money on? Simply respond to this post and I’ll do my best to get them done.



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  1. Your Comments
    Do u sell d products u review or its just d reviews u have on them?
    pls if u do sell,would u happen to have bourjois face primer?

    1. All of the products being reviewed on my blog are from/for my personal kit; but I do buy extra to sell though. I’m sorry bourjois face primer is unavailable.

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