Hello, thanks for stopping by. My previous post in this section was tips for brides-to-be but I stumbled upon some other useful advice from MiNK London and decided to share. Enjoy!


Brides should approach wedding beauty in the same way they do the rest of their wedding preparations… its’s all about planning. In a perfect world, brides should start their regime six months ahead, but you can still achieve the look you want in less time.


Healthy eating and drinking

Drinking over one and a half liters of water a day will ensure your skin is clear and glowing. Being fully hydrated you will also be able to function more efficiently and think more clearly. Limiting alcohol intake will not only aid slimming, but also reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.


Any skin concerns, such as acne, deep lines, puffiness around the eyes or pigmentation marks can all be minimized through a regular facial routine. You should continue this into your home beauty regime for maximum benefits. A non-surgical facelift is an excellent and natural way of contouring and re-freshening the look of the face, to ensure the very best look for photos.



You should not be in the swing of a regular monthly facial. Remember to pay particular attention to the decollete including next firming treatments. This is often an area that is missed and will be on display on the day.

Eye treatments

Eyelash tinting and lengthening treatments along with eyebrow shaping and tinting can make a huge difference to the overall look. Most celebrities appreciated the strong impact that well-defined brows can have on framing the face, which is essential for photography. Semi-permanent eyelashes are now extremely popular and can be used to give a natural look.



Organize a trial wedding make-up session including a trial for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids. It is important to try different colours to see what suits the image you want to achieve. Don’t try to change this too much from how you would normally look otherwise your new husband may not recognize you. The makeup artist will aim to bring out your natural beauty and to give you a radiant glow.



Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, or reflexology to help wind down in the final run up to the big day.


Today should be focused purely on hair, makeup and getting dressed. We strongly recommend you to eat something that will give you energy throughout the day. A Bach’s rescue remedy might help with any anxious feelings and might help you to feel calmer, alternatively a glass of Champagne works just as well – but remember not too many!

(copied from MiNK London)

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