I really like this product because it’s light and when applied gives a neat/natural look. It’s perfect for anyone that don’t like wearing heavy makeup/lashes.  However, if you want thick lashes, you can apply several coats. I recommend for both professional and personal use.

It’s PAO is 6M and it sells for around N2,500 (about $15-17 depending on exchange rates).


The shade here is ‘twilight’ and it’s bluish in colour. I love this product because the wax is soft and can be easy smudged. A small application goes a long way; it has a smudge applicator attached at the other end of the pencil, which is soft and awesome. I’ve not tried washing the applicator though. When the product is smudged, it gives a deep bluish green colour, so I use it as a blue liner and sometimes a green liner depending on the look I’m going for – that’s why I love it. It’s Pao is 18M and sells for N2, 500. Yeah, pricey you may think but it gives you value for your money. I recommend for both personal and professional use.


The type here is the perfect finish I, three-in-one. It’s slightly creamy but not as creamy as I would have loved it. It works well for concealing under eye circles or skin blemishes. The perfect finish I is a combination of light shades while the perfect finish II is a combo of dark shades.


Price: N4,250 and has a PAO of 18M. It’s storage friendly as it does not occupy space; quite handy and I’ll recommend for professional use because of the other shades in the wheel. (*you don’t want to plaster your face with three shades of concealer would you? haha*) the product can be applied with a brush or the fingers. I actually like using the medium shade (ie the top right shade) for concealing my under eye area because it blends with my skin and gives me a more natural look; but if I want the Kim K. type of highlighting, then I’d go for the lightest shade.

What I don’t like about the product is after a few months, it became a little bit dry. I had to warm it with my fingers at the back of my hand before using it and It didn’t blend well when I apply with a brush at this stage.

Hope that was helpful. Till my next post, stay cool.



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