Hi there, happy New Year and thanks for joining me again. I published a post sometime ago about ‘Product Reviews you do not want to miss’ check this link:  http://purpledamsel.com/2012/09/upcoming-reviews/

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I made that post and actually publishing my reviews. My sincere apologies, had to do lots of homework so that I can blog effectively. So, thanks for your understanding.

I will be publishing the reviews of the products listed in the post randomly and not as listed; I will be adding a lot more products to the list. See, I have been doing a lot of homework for you 😀

Enough blabbing, back to work.

So, I’m going to start with the Fashion Fair brand  : cream-to-powder makeup, mascara, oil control loose powder, eye pencil and concealer. I already gave the Lip teaser out before putting together this write –up.  But this post is is about the cream to powder and loose powder.


For me, it is slightly creamy and gives a light to medium coverage. Ideal for anyone that loves little makeup application. It can be worn alone but sometimes, I apply a little bit of loose powder afterwards.

It sells for N 6, 000.00 (about $40) here in naija and I would recommend it for all skin types, both professional and personal use. I like it but it’s not one of my favorites. It’s Period after opening (PAO) is 18 months, the shade in this photo is Brown Blaze.

It can be applied with a sponge or brush but I get better results with a sponge. Check this link for a video I made using it Makeup tutorial for super busy mums


Now what do I write about this? Using my powder brush with a light dust of this powder all over my face after foundation works perfect for me. It’s ability to control oil? It does but not as much as I want it to.

It’s sheer and sells for N 6, 000 ($37-40) it’s PAO is 24M, suitable for all skin types but for oily skin, using a mattifying moisturizer or face primer will give fab results. I made a mistake of removing completely the cellophane on the product, now I have a lot of the product on the upper part of the jar which sometimes wastes, spills into my kit etc


Lesson learnt: prick a few holes instead to prevent spillage/waste.

Hope that helps, I’d love to read your responses.



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