I saw it somewhere that using orange peel with yoghurt is a wonderful way to exfoliate the skin so I decided to try it out.

Items needed:

Fresh orange peel, yoghurt (low fat), dry blender, spoon and bowl

The Method:

Wash an orange very well and wipe with clean cotton cloth. Peel carefully and put the peel in a blender (for dry ingredients) and blend. It will not be completely smooth but you will get lots of smaller particles from it. Put contents into a bowl and add one or two scoops of yoghurt depending on the quantity of the orange peel and your preferred consistency. Stir well until the yoghurt mixes well with the orange peel.

Apply mixture onto your washed face, spread gently and avoid the under eye areas, leave to dry and wash with lukewarm water. Splash cold water unto your face afterwards to close the pores.

My experience:

A minute after application I felt a sting on my face and I thought ‘ oh this thing is working, killing all the bacteria on my face’! After like 2 minutes, it was intense, I wanted to bear it for five minutes and allow the mixture to dry but then I realized my face was burning. OMG! my face was practically on fire, I had to rinse immediately, wiped gently and applied Vaseline twice (instead of moisturizer) to make sure my skin didn’t burn. I was quite scared my face was already burnt and would have scars/uneven pigmentation later but that did not happen.

Maybe the yoghurt I used was not right or I missed out a step. Dunno what went wrong but I’m so NOT trying it again. If you feel you can, try it out with a yoghurt of your choice and share your experience.



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