So, I got a goodie bag from Zaron (a new makeup outfit in Nigeria) sometime last year which contained loose powder, lip liner, concealer/foundation pen, eye shadow pallet, brow powder, eye shadow duo, brush set, mascara and two lip glosses . I was super excited to claim my bag and start using it’s contents but after a quick scrutiny when I received the bag,  I didn’t quite like some of the products. My favorite of them are: brow definer, angled brush, lip liner, powder and blush brush. Yes, honestly. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

First, here are the pictures:

Zaron Brow definer

The first thing I normally check on a product before buying (if I can) is it’s PAO (period after opening) apart from it’s price and other things. I would want to know if after spending much on it, it’ll serve me for a reasonable time before I need to toss it. This brow definer’s PAO is 12M, the powder is of course matte but very pigmented. I mean, I was surprised at how little I pick with my brow brush could give such an awesome result. So I decided to find other ways of making use of this product before it reaches it’s PAO (lol) I tried different things and found out that the Zaron brow definer can be used not only as a brow powder but also as a:

1. contour powder

2. eye shadow

3. powder eye liner

Yes, really. I’ve tried it and because of it’s pigmentation the results were awesome.

Lip Liner pencil in EZ08 Fussy Fuschia

I love love love love loooove this pencil. Yep, the wax is soft and has a little shine to it. Like when you apply on the lips alone, it has a little shine/gloss to it – let me put it that way. It’s easy to work with, it doesn’t cake and it’s PAO is 12M 🙁 but I’m going to get more of it in other shades in my kit.

See pictures comparing it with NYX lip pencil in 816 Fuschia:

upper swatch: NYX

lower swatch: Zaron

Brush Set

The pouch is reasonably small and I’ll say its more of a personal brush set. The bristles are synthetic except the powder and blush brushes. The handle of the powder brush came off when I tried using it (guess the defected one landed in my bag) but other than that, I love the bristles – they are very soft and the color looks like golden brown (uncommon), not harsh on the skin and I love love love everything about the powder and blush brush.

The remaining brushes are synthetic – concealer, lip, angled, eye shadow. I’m in love with the angled brush because it’s sharp and with short strokes of the brow definer, I can control the product application unlike Tara’s angled brush which is a bit dense and can be difficult to control. The concealer brush is large and is not easy using it on small blemishes but okay when sculpting the brows. The eye shadow brush is not good for blending.

Eye shadow pallet/blush; Concealer/foundation pen; loose powder; mascara and lip glosses

When I got the goodie bag, I did a quick check on the eye shadow pallet (I love collecting eye shadows), I had to swatch a few times on some of the colours before they it became obvious. The colours have a very shimmery/metallic finish to it. I didn’t like it in the first instance so I gave it out after taking the pictures (sorry). the colours are attractive including the blush and having a blush with the pallet is a good idea.

The odour of the lip glosses put me off  so I gave them out too (oops!)

The concealer pen can also act as a foundation (as written on it) which is cool but the product is dry, I found it difficult to use as an under eye concealer but it’s ideal for concealing small spots and blemishes. Using it as a foundation? erm….. I tried once and it was difficult to work with but I think I’ll try that again. It’s PAO is 12M though.

The mascara was dry when I got it, the colour refused to come off on my lashes, I dipped the mascara in a cup of warm water and re-applied still couldn’t get the product on my lashes, so I abandoned it.  The shade electric blue is cool ‘sha’

Oil control mineral loose powder, well don’t have much to say about it. Guess I have to try and use it again to give my verdict on it’s performance especially it’s oil controlling abilities.

I also gave out the eye shadow duo but it’s baked and very pigmented.

Overall, I think it’s a very cool start. Thumbs up to Zaron (y) – especially with the brow powder and lip liner pencil.

If you have also used some of  Zaron’s products, especially the ones I gave out, you can share your thoughts on them below. Till my next post, stay beautiful.




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