Valentine is here , red is the colour at this time but looking all ‘redded up’ might not be a good idea i.e- red top/blouse/outfit, red accessories, red eye shadow, red lipstick, red hair or a tint of red hair, red shoes and bag, , red phone etc ROTFL. Do you mind this look?

A hint of red is okay to do the trick and still look fab. Remember, it’s all about ‘ATOUCH of red.

You might want to change your mind at this point about your outfit/makeup for that day. lol. Here’s some few tips for you though:

1. Less is more, keep it simple

2. Be natural, if you’re not a fan of red eye shadow and would love to wear one on that day, try the look  you would like to create before the day because wrong application of red eye shadow will pass off as a bruise, tiredness, red eye etc

3. Concentrate on a part of your outfit/look you like to emphasize: clothes, hair, shoes, purse, eyes, lips, accessories etc preferably one or two out of the list.

4. Relax and have fun

Don’t you just love Rihanna’s look? Share your thoughts.

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