So I got a gift certificate worth N35,000 (approx $220) from a loved one (*battling eyes*) sometime in 2008 to be used at Park ‘n’ Shop, Lagos. I was excited to add a few things to my makeup bag and I grabbed the shopping basket and filled it with makeup products mostly Bourjois. On getting to the till point, I had exceeded the amount on the gift certificate a little and had to pay for the extra in cash (makeup addict ba?) lol

I also did a YouTube video about my Bourjois makeup collection, here’s the link – Bourjois Makeup collection

(I’m a newbie in the You Tube world and I’ll appreciate your feedback as to what you’d like to see on my channel and what I can do to improve, you can leave your comments under this post, or send me an e mail at:, :D)

This post is just an addition to the video – swatches basically. I apologize for the way the pictures are, will fix that before my next post, hopefully.

13 Fleur Bleue IMG_00000882 IMG_00000857 IMG_00000883 IMG_00000859 IMG_00000884 IMG_00000861 IMG_00000885 IMG_00000864 IMG_00000886 IMG_00000865 IMG_00000890

































I still have more pictures to upload but I will put them in another post. I love the Bourjois eye shadows and nail polishes. My favorite is the 5th pair of eye shadows from the pictures above – they are pigmented, easy to use and work with.

Till my next post,

Stay beautiful.




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