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This post is a continuation of my Bourjois Makeup collection swatches, if you have not read the previous post or my You Tube video about them, here are the links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GheiSejVJzg   and   http://purpledamsel.com/2013/04/bourjois-makeup-collection-swatches-part-i/

Here are the remaining swatches, I apologize I was not able to fix the way the pictures appeared.

IMG_00000873 IMG_00000879 IMG_00000872 IMG_00000900 IMG_00000895 IMG_00000871 IMG_00000896 IMG_00000897 IMG_00000902 IMG_00000909































The swatches from the nail polishes are not quite clear here, you can check my Instagram pictures for a clearer one. (www.instagram.com/damselmakeovers).

Bourjois makeup products are pretty good from what I’ve seen so far, I would recommend for both personal and professional use. I look forward to getting some of these products again as these ones have passed their PAO (period after opening); I kept them in my makeup junk box for reference purpose. Trust me, I’m very disciplined not to use them on myself/clients.

What do you think about this brand/products and my posts so far?


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