Compliments of the season to you. Trust you’re having a swell time with friends and family with lots to eat and drink. I’m actually having a bar of Magnum white ice cream as I write this post – don’t worry, we’ll shed all the excess weight together next year. Lol

Good news, Good news!!! Face Atelier is now in Africa – Nigeria. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!

We (Purple Damsel) are an authorized retailer for the Face Atelier brand in Nigeria. The brand has variety of makeup products which are internationally sought after by both individuals and pro/celebrity makeup artists. The foundations are superb with variety of shades for African skin (16 shades in all) – I mean irrespective of your skin colour. The adjusters also do the trick for a custom – made foundation shade. I’m going to write about the adjusters and a few of the foundations, then add the pictures at the end of the post.

HEAT: This is an adjuster (mango red colour, for orange/red undertones) and can be used to warm up any foundation, even if it’s not a Face Atelier foundation. If the foundation is looking too harsh and needs a little bit of ‘heat’ to balance the skin’s undertone, this is the perfect product for this. Also it can be used to cover dark blemishes around the lips. This product is a must-have  for makeup artists’ kit especially of you work on a lot of women of colour. It can also serve as a blush on dark skin.

ZERO MINUS: This is an adjuster and can be used to lighten a foundation that is a bit dark. It’s just like adding a white colour to a dark one. Its can also be used as a highlight on certain areas of the face when mixed with the actual foundation shade.

ZERO PLUS: (for complex brown complexion with yellow/red undertones). This simply adjusts the foundation when you want it to be a noche lighter especially with the shades #11 and #12. It can be worn alone though. If your powder shade is studio fix Mac NW43, you can wear this alone or if your foundation is Nw45, you can add a little bit of heat to this and gives you the exact shade as the Mac studio fix foundation Nw45! Awesome innit? 😀

ZERO PLUS PLUS : (black brown complexion with blue/black undertone). This is and adjuster for our beautiful African queens. It is very very dark, can be worn alone or added to foundation to balance the skin’s undertone. It can also be used as a cheek/face/nose contour especially when going for a natural look – either alone or mixed with foundation.

COCOA #10 : This is a regular foundation fro women of colour and this shade is suitable for someone using a Black Opal stick foundation in “truly topaz” (light caramel complexion with yellow/green undertones)

MINK #11 : a foundation for women of colour similar to Black Opal’s ‘Beautiful Bronze’ foundation shade. (dark caramel complexion with yellow/red undertones)

SABLE #12 : a foundation for women of colour similar to Black Opal’s “Hazelnut” foundation shade. (rich brown complexion with yellow/green undertones)

These foundations are silicone based (no primer needed), light weight, water-proof, build-able and gives a medium – full coverage. For extremely oily skin, a little oil free moisturizer is needed just before using this foundation; other than that, it’s suitable for all other skin types. For all Face Atelier products, a little goes a long way so a little application of these foundations gives you good result, you can then add more as you wish.

Each bottle is 20ml, plastic in nature, light weight and with a dispenser at the top which makes it easy to dispense unlike Mac studio Fix foundations which comes in a glass bottle and without a pump. The plastic and light weight nature makes it very suitable for travel, carriage in a makeup artist’s kit as there’s no fear of it breaking if it falls off while setting up or during use.

Face Atelier products are affordable and can be purchased via Delivery to other West African countries also available.

For videos about other Face Atelier products, click here , here and Dalton, Jackie O

Have you tried this foundation? Please share your thoughts about the brand/products.



Adjuster – Heat
Adjuster – Zero Plus Plus
Adjuster – Zero Plus
Foundation #12 – Sable
Foundation #11 – Mink
Foundation #10 – Cocoa
Adjuster – Zero Minus















Foundation swatches – As soon as I can get clearer pictures, I will update this post.
Adjusters swatches – As soon as I can get clearer pictures, I will update this post.

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