Happy new year everyone, trust the holidays have been fun filled and exciting. I hope all the new year resolutions have started taking shape 😉

Last year was a pretty busy one for me and we (at Purple Damsel) were able to add two international brands to our makeup sales collection – Face Atelier and Benjabelle. whoop whoop!!! Expect more goodies in 2015.

My post today is about my makeup brush cleaning tools that are effective, energy/time saving – Sigma Spa cleaning glove, Benjabelle Brush tree, Benjabelle Organic Foam wash and Benjabelle cleansing balm.

The cleaning process is simple:

1. Put one or two pumps of the foam wash on the spa glove, wet the dirty brush with water and rub on the foam wash. rinse off and repeat the process if needed depending on how dirty the brush is. If it’s the balm you’re using, wet the brush with water and swipe on the balm to pick some of the product and rub on the glove to clean.

2. Squeeze out excess water using the thumb part of the glove meant for this and arrange the brushes on the brush tree.

Voila! Pretty easy.

Foam Wash/Cleansing Balm: What I love about the foam wash and cleansing balm is the fact that they’re easy to get off the brush. Unlike some other cleaning products I’ve used, I’ve had to use lots of water and rinse severally to get foam out of my brush especially my kabuki brushes but these babies (foam wash and cleaning balm) comes off the brushes easily. It’s also organic and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals that could be harmful for the brushes and on the long run – the skin.

Brush Tree: Light weight, folds easily like an iPad and easy to set up. The tree comes in four (4) sizes for different brush sizes. The Tree dries makeup brushes in less than 12 hours, yes super easy and saves space too. A spinner can be used with any of the tree sizes – this makes storing cleansing balm or beauty blenders easy. It’s called a spinner because it spins around and you won’t have to lift the tree or turn around to assess products stored on the spinner – all neat and tidy.

The Sigma Glove is easy to use, durable, saves time in washing and cleans the brushes thoroughly too. The surface comes with different ‘textures’ for different brushes (face, eyes, lips etc) both the front and the back of the glove can be used. There’s also a part on the glove that helps in removing excess water from the brushes and re-shape them before drying.

You can get the products listed above/pictures below at http://purpledamsel.com/shop

Find below pictures of these ahhhh-mazing products.

Spinner – base for the brush tree and for storage
Sunflower Brush Tree
Sunflower Brush Tree – assembled
Cleansing Balm – it’s dirty because I took the picture just after using it to wash some of my brushes
Foaming Brush wash
Sigma Spa Cleaning Glove with a pump of the Foaming brush wash
Brush Tree with Spinner (base)
Brush Tree, Foaming brush wash, cleansing balm and the cleaning glove.




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