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Brush Cleaning Tools – Time and life saving

Happy new year everyone, trust the holidays have been fun filled and exciting. I hope all the new year resolutions have started taking shape 😉

Last year was a pretty busy one for me and we (at Purple Damsel) were able to add two international brands to our makeup sales collection – Face Atelier and Benjabelle. whoop whoop!!! Expect more goodies in 2015.

My post today is about my makeup brush cleaning tools that are effective, energy/time saving – Sigma Spa cleaning glove, Benjabelle Brush tree, Benjabelle Organic Foam wash and Benjabelle cleansing balm.

The cleaning process is simple:

1. Put one or two pumps of the foam wash on the spa glove, wet the dirty brush with water and rub on the foam wash. rinse off and repeat the process if needed depending on how dirty the brush is. If it’s the balm you’re using, wet the brush with water and swipe on the balm to pick some of the product and rub on the glove to clean.

2. Squeeze out excess water using the thumb part of the glove meant for this and arrange the brushes on the brush tree.

Voila! Pretty easy.

Foam Wash/Cleansing Balm: What I love about the foam wash and cleansing balm is the fact that they’re easy to get off the brush. Unlike some other cleaning products I’ve used, I’ve had to use lots of water and rinse severally to get foam out of my brush especially my kabuki brushes but these babies (foam wash and cleaning balm) comes off the brushes easily. It’s also organic and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals that could be harmful for the brushes and on the long run – the skin.

Brush Tree: Light weight, folds easily like an iPad and easy to set up. The tree comes in four (4) sizes for different brush sizes. The Tree dries makeup brushes in less than 12 hours, yes super easy and saves space too. A spinner can be used with any of the tree sizes – this makes storing cleansing balm or beauty blenders easy. It’s called a spinner because it spins around and you won’t have to lift the tree or turn around to assess products stored on the spinner – all neat and tidy.

The Sigma Glove is easy to use, durable, saves time in washing and cleans the brushes thoroughly too. The surface comes with different ‘textures’ for different brushes (face, eyes, lips etc) both the front and the back of the glove can be used. There’s also a part on the glove that helps in removing excess water from the brushes and re-shape them before drying.

You can get the products listed above/pictures below at

Find below pictures of these ahhhh-mazing products.


Spinner – base for the brush tree and for storage


Sunflower Brush Tree


Sunflower Brush Tree – assembled


Cleansing Balm – it’s dirty because I took the picture just after using it to wash some of my brushes


Foaming Brush wash


Sigma Spa Cleaning Glove with a pump of the Foaming brush wash


Brush Tree with Spinner (base)


Brush Tree, Foaming brush wash, cleansing balm and the cleaning glove.




Face Atelier Foundations

Compliments of the season to you. Trust you’re having a swell time with friends and family with lots to eat and drink. I’m actually having a bar of Magnum white ice cream as I write this post – don’t worry, we’ll shed all the excess weight together next year. Lol

Good news, Good news!!! Face Atelier is now in Africa – Nigeria. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!

We (Purple Damsel) are an authorized retailer for the Face Atelier brand in Nigeria. The brand has variety of makeup products which are internationally sought after by both individuals and pro/celebrity makeup artists. The foundations are superb with variety of shades for African skin (16 shades in all) – I mean irrespective of your skin colour. The adjusters also do the trick for a custom – made foundation shade. I’m going to write about the adjusters and a few of the foundations, then add the pictures at the end of the post.

HEAT: This is an adjuster (mango red colour, for orange/red undertones) and can be used to warm up any foundation, even if it’s not a Face Atelier foundation. If the foundation is looking too harsh and needs a little bit of ‘heat’ to balance the skin’s undertone, this is the perfect product for this. Also it can be used to cover dark blemishes around the lips. This product is a must-have  for makeup artists’ kit especially of you work on a lot of women of colour. It can also serve as a blush on dark skin.

ZERO MINUS: This is an adjuster and can be used to lighten a foundation that is a bit dark. It’s just like adding a white colour to a dark one. Its can also be used as a highlight on certain areas of the face when mixed with the actual foundation shade.

ZERO PLUS: (for complex brown complexion with yellow/red undertones). This simply adjusts the foundation when you want it to be a noche lighter especially with the shades #11 and #12. It can be worn alone though. If your powder shade is studio fix Mac NW43, you can wear this alone or if your foundation is Nw45, you can add a little bit of heat to this and gives you the exact shade as the Mac studio fix foundation Nw45! Awesome innit? 😀

ZERO PLUS PLUS : (black brown complexion with blue/black undertone). This is and adjuster for our beautiful African queens. It is very very dark, can be worn alone or added to foundation to balance the skin’s undertone. It can also be used as a cheek/face/nose contour especially when going for a natural look – either alone or mixed with foundation.

COCOA #10 : This is a regular foundation fro women of colour and this shade is suitable for someone using a Black Opal stick foundation in “truly topaz” (light caramel complexion with yellow/green undertones)

MINK #11 : a foundation for women of colour similar to Black Opal’s ‘Beautiful Bronze’ foundation shade. (dark caramel complexion with yellow/red undertones)

SABLE #12 : a foundation for women of colour similar to Black Opal’s “Hazelnut” foundation shade. (rich brown complexion with yellow/green undertones)

These foundations are silicone based (no primer needed), light weight, water-proof, build-able and gives a medium – full coverage. For extremely oily skin, a little oil free moisturizer is needed just before using this foundation; other than that, it’s suitable for all other skin types. For all Face Atelier products, a little goes a long way so a little application of these foundations gives you good result, you can then add more as you wish.

Each bottle is 20ml, plastic in nature, light weight and with a dispenser at the top which makes it easy to dispense unlike Mac studio Fix foundations which comes in a glass bottle and without a pump. The plastic and light weight nature makes it very suitable for travel, carriage in a makeup artist’s kit as there’s no fear of it breaking if it falls off while setting up or during use.

Face Atelier products are affordable and can be purchased via Delivery to other West African countries also available.

For videos about other Face Atelier products, click here , here and Dalton, Jackie O

Have you tried this foundation? Please share your thoughts about the brand/products.




Adjuster – Heat


Adjuster – Zero Plus Plus


Adjuster – Zero Plus


Foundation #12 – Sable


Foundation #11 – Mink


Foundation #10 – Cocoa


Adjuster – Zero Minus
















Foundation swatches – As soon as I can get clearer pictures, I will update this post.


Adjusters swatches – As soon as I can get clearer pictures, I will update this post.

SIGMA PRODUCTS – Sales, sales, sales!!!

Hey Gorgeous!!

How have y’all been? It’s been a long while, I know but I’m back now and I’m trying to keep up with publishing posts regularly. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Today’s post is about our October 20% sales for Sigma Beauty products – we will still offer FREE nationwide delivery. If you’re in Lagos and you pick up your products from our representative, you get additional discount!!! Isn’t that awesome?

All you need to do is:

1. Go through the list below and prepare your order as an e-mail.

2. Include your full name, delivery address and contact number in the e-mail.

3. Send the e-mail to

4. We will confirm the availability of the products you’re ordering along with account details to make payments to

5. When confirmed, you make payments and we dispatch.

6. If you’re in Lagos, simply call Zika on 0802-913-2106 and pick up products and get additional discount.

7. You can also add us on Blackberry – PIN 24D18C85


Here’s the price/product list:


BASIC ESSENTIAL KIT CK001 27,600 22,080
DRY ‘N’ SHAPE DS01 12,500 10,000  SOLDOUT
EYE SHADOW PALLET – PARIS  EP004 15,500 12,400
FLAT TOP KABUKI  F80 6500 5200
ROUND KABUKI F82 6500 5200
LARGE POWDER F30 6800 5440
FOUNDATION F60 5850 4680
SMALL DUO FIBRE F55 5850 4680
FLAT DEFINER E15 3950 3160
PRECISION FLAT P80 5850 4680
EYE LINER E05 3950 3160
PENCIL E30 3950 3160
BLENDING E25 3950 3160
LARGE POWDER  F20 7600 6080
EYE SHADING E55 3950 3160
ANGLED BROW E75 300 3440
DUO FIBRE  F50 6650 5320
PRECISION ROUND  P82 5850 4680
BUFFER F45 6800 5440


Sigma Brushes

Sigma Sigma Sigma, yayyyyy!!!! :D. It’s finally here in Nigeria and I am super excited to be using, reviewing and of course selling them, hehehe. I must say I’m really honored to be an Authorized retailer for this beautiful, good quality, efficient and luxurious makeup brand that’s been accepted both locally and internationally especially by beauty gurus.

Sigma brushes and products are being used by celebrity makeup artists and on celebs as well for example Brandy’s makeup artist Tatiana Ward (beatfacehoney), Jackie Aina (lilpumpkinpie05), Theodora Mogo (Dorane Beauty), Kemi Imevbore – Uwaga (Kemi Kings makeup), Adebukola Oyelahan (Damsel Makeovers), Renny Vasquez , Joy Adenuga MUA, Merrell Hollis (Wendy William’s makeup artist) and a host of others.  Sigma brushes are not meant only for professionals but for individual use too.

I recently did a You Tube video about the must-have brushes (click on this to watch the video Sigma Brush must-haves) If you would like to have a feel of Sigma brushes, especially for individual use, these babies are yours. lol. Be sure to watch the video, rate (y) , subscribe and please leave your comments because your beauty need is my priority.

Errrr, I’m tempted to add pictures. Ok, I will do just that because of you 😉

F80- Flat Kabuki E70-Medium Angled shading E55-Eye Shading F15-Duo Fibre Powder (slash) Blush F30-Large powder L05-Lip























For more videos and reviews of other Sigma brushes and products, stay tuned to all my social media networking sites. 🙂

PS: I’ve heard countless times that Sigma brushes are of the same quality as MAC but way cheaper than MAC. I actually own just one MAC brush but I can verify that YES, Sigma brushes are a lot cheaper than MAC brushes. To order for yours, kindly visit the shop section on this site or if you’re in Lagos, you can pick up yours in Ikeja by simply calling Zika on 08029132106, Damsel on 08165080652

MUFE (Make Up Forever)

Hope you enjoyed and learned from reading my last post about Fashion Fair and I do hope my reviews have been helpful so far. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns about a product and I’ll look into it asap.

Next up is (MUFE) Makeup Forever HD Foundation. Wow, I love love this product. Ever since I watched the you tube gurus recommend this product, I was really excited and itching to lay my pretty hands on it.

The product description says : ‘invisible cover foundation’ YES I agree.

also it says: The HD Foundation is an oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life. Its extremely fine texture is supple and easy to apply. Enriched with moisturizing agents, it leaves the skin soft and radiant. It is available in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones.

I absolutely agree with this. What else can I say about this product, the description says it all. I bought it for N7,500.00 ($50) , its PAO is 12M and can be applied with either a stippling brush (Sigma F80 brush), foundation brush, face smoothie, wedge, beauty blender or your fingers lol yes, seriously, it’s really cool and you’ll get value for your money. It doesn’t contain SPF which is good for photography. When the product is close to finishing, I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able see it on the bottle like some products I have that will come to its end without informing me 😀 . I’ll wait for mine to finish and then let you know.

If you want a very light coverage, use half a pump, medium coverage – use a pump while you can use 2 pumps or more for full coverage. It’s suitable for all skin types but I’ll recommend a mattifying moisturizer or primer for oily skin because it gives a dewy/radiant look which can pass off as a oil on a very oily skin.  It has no odour, a bottle is 30 ml, the shade here is #175 .

MUFE LIP GLOSS (fascinating lip gloss)

I got this lip-gloss at the Accra shopping mall in Ghana and I was skeptical at first to buy  it because of the price! 10GHC (like N1, 000 or $7) it was way below my expectation as compared to the price of its foundation. Well, maybe I’m wrong but anyways, I got it.

photo(2) photo(3)










Verdict: this is in shade 3, not sticky, moderate gloss and shine, very light consistency (almost feels like water ) with sparkles, the pink colour pops out on the lips but doesn’t stay for long unlike some lip-glosses ie it has a low staying power. The odour is not bad but I expected a sweet-like or better smell.

It’s 6ml, PAO is 12M  and I recommend for both personal and professional use.

Am I going to  buy MUFE HD foundation again? YES, YES and YES

and the Lip gloss? absolutely NO.

Will you be trying this product?




IMG_1648MARY KAY – LIP NECTAR             

I purchased some Mary Kay products in Uk and I stumbled on this lip nectar. I actually got 2 shades – passion fruit and mango. I gave Passion Fruit shade out and I’m left with Mango. It’s creamy, with good colour pigment, can be worn alone without a lip gloss, I’d call it a lip stain, no shimmer, moderate gloss. In my opinion, it’s a lip color for light makeup application. Price? can’t remember. To see a video of me using it, Click Here

Mac - ruby woo


A friend of mine rocked this lippie and I decided to get mine. It’s odour is fabulous, it’s completely matte, and with intense colour. Applying lip gloss afterwards made my lips bleed so the next time, I decided to apply a lip balm on my lips prior to the lip stick and it felt and looked good because wearing only the matte lippie made my lips feel very dry. A good way to also wear this lippie is to line your lips with a brown or dark lip liner. You can try it out  and let’s know what you think.

Maybelline - pleasure me red

Maybelline Lip liner – 547 pleasure me red

It’s PAO is 24M, matte and slightly soft wax. I also got this from a store in London. It’s fab when paired with Mac ruby woo lippie because the red color is slightly darker than ruby woo’s. It’s easy to apply and work with, can’t remember its staying power but I’ll try it again and update this post.

I would recommend all these products for both professional and personal use.

If this post was helpful, please leave your response below.

Till my next post,

Stay Beautiful.


Hello Gorgeous! Today’s post is an exciting and informative one that addresses the hygiene aspect of our makeup, yeah we should be conscious not only about body or food hygiene but also our makeup.

This article was contributed by Gbemisola Ademola Adebayo of Hegai and Esther Makeup Solutions…….enjoy 


We’re all guilty! At some point in our lives we have shared makeup with friends, sometimes even strangers (Oh so you think you’ve never shared makeup with strangers, what do you call testing makeup displayed at makeup counters? Do u know how many people have dipped their fingers into that same tester?!!!).

How would you feel if you visited your doctor and you see him moving from one patient to another without wearing gloves or sterilising his equipments? As a patient in a hospital you would expect the medical personnel to adhere to strict hygienic standards; and you would by no means allow a nurse to inject you with a used syringe for fear of cross infection. If people in the medical profession do not share certain objects among patients so also should you be selfish and not share your makeup with people; you should observe some level of hygiene standard when it comes to makeup.
While most cosmetics contain preservatives to help slow the growth of bacteria and fungus, sometimes this isn’t enough to prevent your makeup from getting contaminated. In fact, in one study researchers found bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aurues (which causes conjunctivitis and boils), and Escherichia coli ,commonly abbreviated E. Coli (which can cause bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and kidney failure) in department store makeup testers. E. Coli normally live in the digestive tract and is found in stool. It is spread when people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom and then touch another surface. So close your eyes for a minute and picture one of the makeup counter visitors accidentally picking up the E. Coli bacteria while she was at the restroom, she doesn’t wash her hands, she strolls majestically to the makeup counter and immediately swipes some lip-gloss with her fingers…hold on don’t throw up just yet…then imagine you swiping that same lip-gloss on your lips, and then the E. Coli bacteria present in the makeup swims through the mucous membranes of your mouth to your blood streams and settles in your stomach…ok, you can throw up now!

Each time you touch a lipstick or mascara, you are potentially introducing germs to the product. And the more people who use it, the greater the likelihood of spreading infection. Since mucous membranes are more susceptible to getting infected, lip and eye products should never be shared under any circumstances. Bacteria and infections, such as conjunctivitis, can be transmitted through sharing mascara. Eyelash mites and mucous membranes around the eye can stick to a mascara wand and be transferred to others who use it.

So next time when you visit your favourite makeup store, insist that each product is sterilized before you try them on, and use disposable applicators not the brushes that come with the products. Unfortunately not so many makeup stores around here give out disposable applicators to customers, so it’s advisable you leave the house with your own applicators, and sterilizing lotion. If possible avoid weekend visits to cosmetic counters, because the stores are busier then, more people have been handling the testers, and the attendants might not be able to observe proper hygiene practise.

Conclusively, there is a question I ask myself before I use makeup testers, this has really helped me to adopt a hygienic approach to how I shop for makeup – I ask myself, Gbemi are you sharing mascara or are you sharing conjunctivitis?

Bourjois Makeup Collection – swatches (part II)

Hello and welcome again, thanks for reading my posts and following me on my social media networks – I really appreciate.

This post is a continuation of my Bourjois Makeup collection swatches, if you have not read the previous post or my You Tube video about them, here are the links:   and

Here are the remaining swatches, I apologize I was not able to fix the way the pictures appeared.

IMG_00000873 IMG_00000879 IMG_00000872 IMG_00000900 IMG_00000895 IMG_00000871 IMG_00000896 IMG_00000897 IMG_00000902 IMG_00000909































The swatches from the nail polishes are not quite clear here, you can check my Instagram pictures for a clearer one. (

Bourjois makeup products are pretty good from what I’ve seen so far, I would recommend for both personal and professional use. I look forward to getting some of these products again as these ones have passed their PAO (period after opening); I kept them in my makeup junk box for reference purpose. Trust me, I’m very disciplined not to use them on myself/clients.

What do you think about this brand/products and my posts so far?


Bourjois Makeup Collection – swatches (part I)

So I got a gift certificate worth N35,000 (approx $220) from a loved one (*battling eyes*) sometime in 2008 to be used at Park ‘n’ Shop, Lagos. I was excited to add a few things to my makeup bag and I grabbed the shopping basket and filled it with makeup products mostly Bourjois. On getting to the till point, I had exceeded the amount on the gift certificate a little and had to pay for the extra in cash (makeup addict ba?) lol

I also did a YouTube video about my Bourjois makeup collection, here’s the link – Bourjois Makeup collection

(I’m a newbie in the You Tube world and I’ll appreciate your feedback as to what you’d like to see on my channel and what I can do to improve, you can leave your comments under this post, or send me an e mail at:, :D)

This post is just an addition to the video – swatches basically. I apologize for the way the pictures are, will fix that before my next post, hopefully.

13 Fleur Bleue IMG_00000882 IMG_00000857 IMG_00000883 IMG_00000859 IMG_00000884 IMG_00000861 IMG_00000885 IMG_00000864 IMG_00000886 IMG_00000865 IMG_00000890

































I still have more pictures to upload but I will put them in another post. I love the Bourjois eye shadows and nail polishes. My favorite is the 5th pair of eye shadows from the pictures above – they are pigmented, easy to use and work with.

Till my next post,

Stay beautiful.





When I read or hear about home beauty remedies, I usually like to try it out and then write about it. Here’s my writeup about the Lemon juice facial thingy.

Items needed

Lemon juice, granulated sugar, small cut, knife.


Wash lemon fruit. Rub well so that you can get all the juice easily. Cut into 2 and put juice into a small cup.

Sprinkle the sugar onto a cotton pad and pour a little juice on it. Gently rub on to a clean (makeup free) face avoiding the under eye areas though. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Splash cold water on the face afterwards to close the pores.


Your face feels smooth immediately, you can repeat the process two to three times a week depending on your skin type. Also if you have very sensitive skin, you can dilute the lemon juice with water before applying on your face.

I really like this process because my skin feels very smooth and it glows even without wearing makeup especially after applying moisturizer. It’s a very natural way to cleanse/exfoliate the skin.

You can try it out and please share your experience.