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I really like this product because it’s light and when applied gives a neat/natural look. It’s perfect for anyone that don’t like wearing heavy makeup/lashes.  However, if you want thick lashes, you can apply several coats. I recommend for both professional and personal use.

It’s PAO is 6M and it sells for around N2,500 (about $15-17 depending on exchange rates).


The shade here is ‘twilight’ and it’s bluish in colour. I love this product because the wax is soft and can be easy smudged. A small application goes a long way; it has a smudge applicator attached at the other end of the pencil, which is soft and awesome. I’ve not tried washing the applicator though. When the product is smudged, it gives a deep bluish green colour, so I use it as a blue liner and sometimes a green liner depending on the look I’m going for – that’s why I love it. It’s Pao is 18M and sells for N2, 500. Yeah, pricey you may think but it gives you value for your money. I recommend for both personal and professional use.


The type here is the perfect finish I, three-in-one. It’s slightly creamy but not as creamy as I would have loved it. It works well for concealing under eye circles or skin blemishes. The perfect finish I is a combination of light shades while the perfect finish II is a combo of dark shades.


Price: N4,250 and has a PAO of 18M. It’s storage friendly as it does not occupy space; quite handy and I’ll recommend for professional use because of the other shades in the wheel. (*you don’t want to plaster your face with three shades of concealer would you? haha*) the product can be applied with a brush or the fingers. I actually like using the medium shade (ie the top right shade) for concealing my under eye area because it blends with my skin and gives me a more natural look; but if I want the Kim K. type of highlighting, then I’d go for the lightest shade.

What I don’t like about the product is after a few months, it became a little bit dry. I had to warm it with my fingers at the back of my hand before using it and It didn’t blend well when I apply with a brush at this stage.

Hope that was helpful. Till my next post, stay cool.




Hi there, happy New Year and thanks for joining me again. I published a post sometime ago about ‘Product Reviews you do not want to miss’ check this link:

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I made that post and actually publishing my reviews. My sincere apologies, had to do lots of homework so that I can blog effectively. So, thanks for your understanding.

I will be publishing the reviews of the products listed in the post randomly and not as listed; I will be adding a lot more products to the list. See, I have been doing a lot of homework for you 😀

Enough blabbing, back to work.

So, I’m going to start with the Fashion Fair brand  : cream-to-powder makeup, mascara, oil control loose powder, eye pencil and concealer. I already gave the Lip teaser out before putting together this write –up.  But this post is is about the cream to powder and loose powder.


For me, it is slightly creamy and gives a light to medium coverage. Ideal for anyone that loves little makeup application. It can be worn alone but sometimes, I apply a little bit of loose powder afterwards.

It sells for N 6, 000.00 (about $40) here in naija and I would recommend it for all skin types, both professional and personal use. I like it but it’s not one of my favorites. It’s Period after opening (PAO) is 18 months, the shade in this photo is Brown Blaze.

It can be applied with a sponge or brush but I get better results with a sponge. Check this link for a video I made using it Makeup tutorial for super busy mums


Now what do I write about this? Using my powder brush with a light dust of this powder all over my face after foundation works perfect for me. It’s ability to control oil? It does but not as much as I want it to.

It’s sheer and sells for N 6, 000 ($37-40) it’s PAO is 24M, suitable for all skin types but for oily skin, using a mattifying moisturizer or face primer will give fab results. I made a mistake of removing completely the cellophane on the product, now I have a lot of the product on the upper part of the jar which sometimes wastes, spills into my kit etc


Lesson learnt: prick a few holes instead to prevent spillage/waste.

Hope that helps, I’d love to read your responses.



Upcoming product reviews you do not want to miss


Welcome again to my blog.

I have a list of products I’m reviewing and will post them soon, just want to share them with you to prepare your mind and also for you to add any product/brand you’d like me to review as well. Please note that the products I review on this blog have not been sponsored and are based on my personal opinions as a makeup artist/beauty coach, I’ll definitely  let you know if any product(s) have been sponsored.

So, enough of the chit chat and let’s get straight to business 😀

A.  FACE PRIMERS – NYX HD primer, NYX shine killer, Fashion Fair shine eliminator, Elf primer, Smashbox photofinish foundation primer

B. ZARON (a Nigerian makeup brand) – Eye shadow pallet, Oil control loose powder, Brow kit, Concealer/foundation, lip pencil.

C. BOURJOIS – Eye shadows, Lip pencils, Blush, Lip gloss, Nail polish

D. MAX FACTOR – Eye shadow

E. MAYBELLINE – Lip pencil

F. SALON SYSTEM : Waxing products

G. CABOODLES – Eye shadows

H. L’OREAL – Eye shadows, mascara

I. COVER GIRL – Lip liners, Mascara, Lip gloss (queen collection), Blush

J. RIMMEL LONDON – Mascara, lip gloss

K. FASHION FAIR – creme-to-powder foundation, mascara, lip teaser, perfect finish concealer 1, eye pencil


Wow, I really have a long list here and lotta work to do. Hang in there, hot reviews of these products coming soon. 🙂

Do you have some products you’ve been dying to try but would love to read a review about them first before spending your precious money on? Simply respond to this post and I’ll do my best to get them done.



bareMinerals quick change brush cleaner

It’s quite handy and works well for professional makeup artist when working on a lot of people within a short period.It’s also suitable for individual use on daily basis prior to deep cleaning the brushes.

How to use: spray product on a tissue paper and swipe dirty brush on the sprayed spot a few times. Repeat the process a few times till the brush is clean.

The brush can be re-used almost immediately after cleaning with this brush cleaner because it dries quickly and contains alcohol to disinfect the brushes. It’s also handy and requires only small space in a makeup kit/bag. It’s also a travel size.

What I don’t like about it is that a lot of the product is required for a brush to be cleaned and the whole bottle gets used up quickly. Apart from the product drying quickly on the tissue paper,  I also had to use severally while turning the tissue paper over and over to get a clean brush.

I can’t remember how much I bought it, I actually purchased it from amazon along with other products. I’ll need to check the receipt and update this post as soon as I find it. Yeah, thanks for your understanding. lol

I recommend this product for both professional and individual use.



NYX Haul Contd. – Makeup Artist kit, Eye Shadow Base and Glitter Cream Pallete

I purchased the Makeup artist kit in S101, Eye Shadow base in skin tone and Glitter Cream Pallete in Eden from Amazon.

A.  The makeup kit (S101) is a small square – shaped box with mirror and two layers of products. It’s portable and  comprises of 35 eye shadows, 5 lip colors, 5 blushers, 3 bronzers and brushes for application. I’ll do a few swatches of the eye shadows (I’m sorry I’ll not be able to do all 35 swatches) and all the lip colors.

I like this kit because it’s got lots of eye shadow colors to choose from, lip colors and blushes. the eye shadows are also very good, pigmented and a little application goes a long way. the lip colors are more like lip stains, suitable for natural look; you might need to use a lip stick and gloss for a more intense color on the lips. Overall, the product is fabulous.


1. It falls out easily, I mean a lot.  It’s all kind of ‘chalky’ in nature except the lip colors.

2. It’s not a complete kit for makeup artists because it doesn’t have concealers, lip liner, brow powders and stuff  as the product name implies.

3. the PAO s 12months. for me not enough time to use up the products

I’ll recommend for both professional and individual use but the eye shadows need to be applied with a damp brush and I’d say you dab your brush at the back of your hands after picking up the blusher/bronzer  – if you’re fussy about fall outs.

B. The Eye shadow base in quite handy and it blends well with virtually all skin tones.

The product can be applied with the fore finger or an eye shadow brush or any brush that suits you.



blended swatch on the skin

I’m absolutely okay with the eye shadow base.

C. the Glitter Cream Pallet comprises of five creamy glittery eye shadows and two applicators. The glitter eye shadows can be applied with a brush on the eye lid on it’s own or as a second layer after a powder eye shadow.

However you apply, the products still creases and separates on the lids. Guess I’ll find a way of making it work well for me.

NYX Glitter Cream Pallet

the back of the pallet


** Sorry the pictures are not clear enough, I’ll work on arranging the pictures better as well so that everything will be properly organized.

If you’d like to know more about the products reviewed, simply leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



NYX Haul Contd. – Beauty Station/Work Station

Hey, trust you’re doing great!

I was so excited when I decided to get a mobile work station for my business and I surfed the internet for good deals and I ended up choosing NYX’s largest train case with lights and Director’s chair. I made the order  in Nov 2011 and was delivered in Dec 2011.

The makeup station is a travel box/train case with wheels, it also has detachable legs to double as a work station. There are 6 bulbs inside (3 on the right and 3 on the left) with a cable to plug it with, a mirror, 3 tiers drawer on each side to store products and some small compartments as well to put whatever you like. The train case is $500 while the director’s chair costs $99.

The legs can be adjusted to suit your height or that of your client. The Director’s chair is made of wood, came in parts and I assembled them (actually my husband assembled for me hehe :D)


The Director’s chair is collapsible, very light and can be carried easily (good portability). I love the Director’s chair, in that I don’t need to bend over when applying makeup on my clients; it really is convenient to use.

The train case has 2 plug sockets – one for connecting the cable to power source for the bulbs and the other I guess to plug any other thing you want. I plugged my phone to charge in the 2nd socket and it worked! 🙂

The work station can also store major makeup products conveniently without having to carry another box/bag, working from the station as a table is also easy as against bending over a table to pick products. It’s neat, pretty, classy and professional. The train case also has a key to which you can secure your products.

1. The train case is kinda heavy without products in it and the shipping costs from Los Angeles to Port Harcourt in Nigeria made my purse grow lean, lol. I spent a total of $776 (130% of the cost price) to ship the work station and director’s chair to my location, yeah, exactly. Both weighed 80kg! of course with packaging. Perhaps I need a better shipping method,  anyways, I was glad to have one of my toys out of my wish list.

#I just found out that two makeup artists have this train case and director’s chair for sale here in Nigeria and the price is way cheaper than what I got mine. *pout* wish I knew this earlier. Their contacts are  and

2. The bulbs attached to the makeup station (train case) are not energy saving, gives off a bit of heat and cast a yellow shadow when applying makeup. I’ll have to replace mine though with florescent bulbs so that I can have as much natural light as possible. The bulbs that comes with the train case can still be used in a well ventilated/air conditioned room to nullify any heat the bulbs might give off.

3. The Director’s chair has a standard height, it’s not adjustable. I’m 5ft 6” in height so it works well for me for clients’ makeup application but as for matching the chair’s height with that of the work station’ all I see in the mirror is my chin downwards and most of my clients’ head shoots above the mirror a bit and they’ll have to bend to view their makeup. Maybe I didn’t assemble it well? Okay, I’ll try again and let you know how it went.


4. The weight will pose a challenge when traveling by air (for local flights, you might be charged for excess baggage) other than that it’s suitable for jobs anywhere.

For now, that’s all I’ve observed about the train case and director’s chair. If I notice any other thing that’s really important, I’ll definitely update this post. In general, the product is cool.

The work station with full lights

Work station with medium lights

Hope this was helpful and feel free to leave comments or questions about what you’d like to know about these products that I did not talk about in this review.



Wild and Crazy single eye shadow

I got the Wild and Crazy eye shadow in Mad Raven from a shop in PH. It’s black in colour, it was the last on the shelf  but it looked as if a few swatches had been made on it. The sales rep argued it’s new but I was really, dearly in need of a pot eye shadow of that texture and time was not on my side to search for another one so I bought it. 🙁

Anyways, here’s what I think about the product and swatches.



It’s small and ‘purse’ friendly, it has a creamy texture and can be applied with eye shadow brush or applicator on the eye lids, to contour or create a smokey look. A little quantity goes a long way when applied, I bought it for N1,000.00 (approx $6.7) it’s period after opening (PAO) is 12 months unlike most eye shadows that can stay for up to 3 years.

Pros: It doesn’t fall out even without using a damp brush.

Hope this was helpful, please feel free to leave your comments and share your views.

Until next post, remember looking good is good business.



NYX Haul

I got a couple of NYX products from Amazon, NYX’s website and a shop in my area, Port Harcourt.

From Amazon – the Makeup Artist Kit in S101, Glitter Cream Pallet in Eden, Lip Liner pencil in 816 Fushia, Eye Shadow base in skin tone

From PH – Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black , Jumbo pencil in Black Bean

NYX’s website – NYX’s  X-LARGE Makeup Artist Train Case with lights, Director’s chair

This post is about the NYX Jumbo pencil, NYX Felt Tip Liner and NYX Lip Liner Pencil, I’ll be reviewing others in subsequent posts, so stay tuned 🙂

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

It’s really black in color like charcoal black, creamy in nature and looks more like a ‘fat’ crayon, lol. It can be used as an eye shadow on it’s own or if you’d like to layer your eye shadows it works well; also to line the lower lash line or upper lash line if you wish.

I actually saw a video that this Jumbo eye pencil can be melted with a hand dryer into a small container to create an ink pot. Well, I’ve not tried it but what worked for me is this – I applied to my upper lash line with an eye liner brush and it came out real good, you should try it sometime.

swatch from the Jumbo pencil

Hope the picture is clear enough, I had to take it very late into the night because my 6 months old son refused to sleep early. I’ll try and take another snapshot during daytime though.

It’s PAO is 12 months. PAO is the acronym for period After Opening with the symbol of an open jar usually at the back of most cosmetic products. I’ll provide details about the PAO/shelf life of makeup products in one of my posts soon. I really like the product because it’s ‘blacky’ black, creamy and I can manipulate it as I want. I don’t like the fact that it’s too fat for my lower lash line because I poked myself in the eye while trying to apply and it messed up my lower lashes. (maybe I need to learn how to use it well, huh) I wonder if the Jumbo pencil can be sharpened though (I’ll try it sometime)

Okay, enough said about the Jumbo Pencil, over to the lip liner in 816 Fushia

The lip pencil is easy to apply, glides on the lips especially with a lip primer. The color is intense and can be used as both a lip liner and lip color. I tried it on one of my clients with a little pink gloss and it came out really well. (check out my page to view my client’s picture – the lady with a pink head gear)

The lip pencil has no PAO written on it but I’d say it’s shelf life is around one year.

Lip pencil in 816 Fushia and Felt tip liner pen swatches

I had to put the swatches together in order to finish up my posts before my little prince wakes up.

For the Felt Tip Liner in Extreme black, it’s not as black as the Jumbo pencil, it’s just like ‘light’ black a against it’s shade called ‘extreme black’. It also easy to apply and doesn’t smudge on the upper lash line, it’s neat and another thing I like about it is that the PAO is 24M (hurray :D) as against some eye liner pen I’ve seen with PAO of 6M.

If I have new information or more usage about the products here, I’ll definitely put up an update.

I hope this post have been helpful and please feel free to post your comments. If you have certain products you would like me to review or a look you want me to create with certain products, do let me know as well.

Thanks for reading through and do have a splendid day.



Eye Shadow Base – Tara

Tara (Orekelewa)’s eye shadow primer is creamy and helps the eye shadow come out sharper, brighter and long lasting. It can be applied with a brush or the fore finger on the eye lids just before the eye shadow. A little quantity is required per time.

It costs N2,100.00 that’s approximately $13 but what I don’t like about it is that it’s whitish in colour  and still shows when eye shadow is not applied evenly on it unlike some that are of skin tone colour.

Hope this helps,

Love Damsel.

Jordana – Liquid Eye Liner

Black Liquid Eye Liner (Jordana)

Jordana’s black liquid eye liner (a.k.a FABULINER) is very easy, neat and convenient to apply on the lash line. It doesn’t smudge or bleed.

My thoughts: It’s easy to apply but not waterproof. It’s application gives you a natural look and for a smoky look re – apply on the lash line.  The cover should be replaced immediately after use to prevent drying. It also doesn’t dry quickly like some do. It’s sold for about N1,500 – N1,700.00 ie ~ $10 (note all currencies are in Nigerian Naira except otherwise stated)