Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can enroll for this course?

No gender disparity, anyone can enroll.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The pace for this course depends on each student, you can complete in 12 days but you have up to twelve (12) weeks to access this course.

What are the requirements to enroll for this course?

A working e-mail account

Minimum age of 13 years.

A camera (smartphone, iPad etc.)

Basic Makeup products.

Will I be able to learn makeup within the stipulated time frame?

Yes, the course has been simplified and suitable for beginners. Students are encouraged to practice after completing the course as it will still be available in  12 weeks after enrollment.

If I do not complete the course in 12 weeks, do I need to pay another fee to re-enroll?

If you’re unable to complete the course within the stipulated time, simply send a mail to your instructor 2 weeks before course completion date and state reasons why you will not be able to complete the course. Upon receiving your email, the Education board will review your email and make a decision to allow you to re-sit for free, or give you a discount, or you pay in full.

How do I access course materials for this course?

Course materials including videos are all online and available upon enrollment.

Do I receive a certificate after this course?

Yes, a soft copy will be emailed to you (upon request) at no cost.

However, the hard copy will attract a fee of N20, 000.00 ($55) for each student for the certificate which takes care of cost of certificate and delivery to your location.

Is there any hidden cost besides the Course Fee?

There are no hidden fees besides the course and certificate fees.

What is the payment plan for this course?

Upfront payment in full upon enrollment.

Are there other things I can benefit from when I take this course?

Students and Graduates enjoy discounts on selected makeup/beauty products from our online store and at our events (T & C Applies).  

Upon graduating, you also enjoy continuous access to the group forum(s) for up-to-date activities, makeup trends, group discussions and instructor’s responses to further questions you may have on your makeup journey. Depending on your expertise/location in makeup artistry, and your performance in class, you also get referrals for makeup appointments/internship.

I have questions that are not here

Kindly send us a mail at for further inquiries.

Do I need to submit pictures of my work to complete this course?

This is optional. Pictures from your practice assignments can be submitted to your instructor (via email) to review what you have done.