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Three products in one, Brush Buff is a quick-drying brush cleaner that disinfects and conditions while it cleans.  Guaranteed to prolong the life of your brushes, Brush Buff is convenient, easy to use and excellent for travel.

·  a dirty brush isn’t good for your cosmetics or your skin.  Clean your brushes once a week to ensure hygienic tools and makeup.

·  the number one rule concerning cosmetic safety is never share your brushes.  Brushes pick up bacteria from the skin and transfer them back to the makeup.  If you must share, be sure to clean before using them on yourself.

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4 oz / 118 ml

Brush Buff cleans, conditions and disinfects, and extends the life of brushes. The alcohol-free formula helps keep the bristles of your brushes soft and supple.

Brush Buff is perfect if you use the same brush with different shades of eye shadow. Spray a tissue with Brush Buff, then swipe the brush over the moistened area. This will ensure that the brush is clean and dry, eliminating the transfer of pigment from one shadow to another.


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