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Not even the most stubborn makeup is a match for Melt.Melt is the ultimate triple treat – a makeup remover that also cleanses and treats your skin.  Enriched with an array of essential oils and anti-oxidants, Melt helps maintain the skin’s fundamental balance.  Its unique combination of organic ingredients moisturizes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.Melt gently removes the most pigmented cosmetics, including waterproof and transfer-resistant products without irritating you skin.  It’s safe for use around the eyes, and suitable for all skin types.Rub a bit of undiluted melt on your lips to erase remnants of that fabulous red lipstick that wants to overstay its welcome on your lips.

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Multi-purpose Melt removes and cleanses while moisturizing your skin. There is instant removal of even the most-pigmented cosmetics, including water-proof mascara.  It also soothes irritated skin, rejuvenates the epidermis, adding a dew to the skin as well as providing anti-oxidant protection.

For general makeup removal, dampen face with warm, running water, massage a couple pumps of Melt over the face, then splash away residue with warm water. Pat face dry. For targeted application to remove stubborn makeup pigments, apply to directly to skin without diluting.

Makeup can be messy!  Use Melt to get makeup stains out of clothes.  Apply undiluted Melt to dampened cloth and gently rub over stained area with cloth underneath so that the stain doesn’t spread.  Gently rub with a fingernail to loosed fibers and release the makeup.  Rinse in cold water and reapply until stain is done.  If there’s still a little stain left, rinse well. This is direct from our CEO who got  a LOT of Ultra Foundation 0+ out of a very good white shirt!


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