Sigma Dry ‘n’ Shape


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The Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed. The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to re-shape them while quickly and efficiently removing water from every bristle. It is an easy, quick, and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes.
WASH – Wet brush head with warm water and work a small amount of cleanser into bristles. Use the Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove to thoroughly wash brush until fully clean. Rinse brush and squeeze out any excess water.
SHAPE – Place your clean, damp brushes into the Dry’n Shape using the smallest band the brush will fit into, making sure that all bristles are firmly compressed.
DRY – After 4 to 6 hours, your brushes will be completely dry and reshaped to their original form – guaranteed!


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